Buy High, Sell Low

Bush insists on buying oil for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve at very, very, very high prices. Congress is trying to stop this.
Question, has there been a pattern of buying at high prices and selling at low prices? An enterprising investigative report might find a story here.
Is this a manipulation of oil prices, to the benefit of funders of the right and the anti-Gore global warming denial industry?

3 thoughts on “Buy High, Sell Low

  1. It seems like they’ve been filling that black hole forever. Y’know, if one had some experience in drilling and maybe some kind of ‘in’ with the government, I’ll betcha some entrepreneur could siphon off that stuff out the back door just as fast as it’s being pumped in the front.
    Naw, our frabjous government auditing would catch that right away.
    Wouldn’t it?

  2. Funny how gas prices have gone up $40.00 a barrel rigth after the Democrat party took control of Congress.
    I blame PeLOSER And Harry “The Body” Reid for high pil prices since they stop us from drilling our oWN oil in the USA as Communist China drill off our coasts.
    What will you lib loons do when people DEMAND we drill EVERYWHERE?????
    You will pay a heavy price soon for your environmental whackiness and belief in “global warming”….while the ice gets BIGGER in the Artic and temperatures are COOLING.
    Now, bakc to the coming war with Iran

  3. Actually, we could find a significant price drop in the cost of gasoline if the oil companies would stop selling 20 percent of the gasoline they make domestically to those oh-so-evil foreign markets. But hey, that would cut into their profit margins, seeing as how gas so much more expensive everywhere else in the world, and we can’t have that, now can we?
    Funny how gas prices went up sixty dollars a barrel after Bush invaded Iraq. The Democrats still have some catching up to do.

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