But The President Says It Isn’t!

I’m on my way out for the day, going to the San Francisco Zoo. But I wanted to ask a question that has been on my mind.
The Iraq War is said to be part of the “War on Terror.” But President Bush has said that Iraq had nothing to do with the 9/11 attack and al-Queda. He has said that the Iraq War is about “freeing the people of Iraq from a terrible dictator.”
I honor the sacrifice of our men and women in the Armed Forces. And freeing the people of Iraq is a noble cause, though I sure wish America had had the option of approving it or not on those terms. But I wonder why so many people this Memorial Day continue to talk about the men and women fighting in Iraq to protect OUR freedom, and fighting the War On Terror? Don’t they believe President Bush when he says that is not what this war is about?

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  1. This is an illegal war pursued by illegal means. Under the UCMJ any one who obeys an illegal order is guilty of War Crimes.
    The mercenary force we have are a bunch of moral degenerates and ethical cowards. Just as I believed that it was wrong for the Germans of WW II to support “thier brave SS men” so do I believe that it is wrong for us to support ” our brave military ( mercenaries) ”
    We must stop this mindless fawning over the military. This sort of stupidity lead to the collapse of all to many cultures and societies in the past.
    These are NOT “brave men and women” they are cowards who in 2000 voted for a known war monger by 80+% and are now whining when they get what they asked for.

  2. It’s a little more complicated than Anonymous thinks. The big problem is, we’ve got quite a mix of people over in Iraq. There are genuine mercenaries there the administration has contracted. There are a lot of other contractors who got there, many more or less under false pretenses (what else does the Bush administration do?) because they were supposed to help “rebuild” Iraq so they intended to “help” the Iraqis. Of course there are plenty of contractors who are simply after financial gain, too. There’s the actual military, a volunteer army to be sure, but mostly composed of kids who signed up because this is a jobless economy. There are kids who signed up out of patriotism after 9/11. There are the reserves, many of whom got called up LONG after they are legally required to serve, but they haven’t been able to do anything about this. There are National Guard units.
    This bothers me the most. People join the National Guard because traditionally it’s supposed to serve during national emergencies and they DON’T expect to be sent into foreign service in any war, much less an illegal one. This has decimated our local police and fire departments. And what if something did happen in our make-believe war on terror? Wouldn’t we be better off if they were here? The worst part for them is that they’re not treated like regular military in terms of benefits.
    We can’t start doing what we did after Vietnam and make the guys in the military suffer because of an unpopular war.

  3. I am saying that anyone who wears a uniform and takes an oath that includes swearing to obey the law is in violation of that oath and the law.
    saying that we should forgive people who obey illegal orders because it is either “traditional”, “patriotic” or it is a “job” doesn’t cut it.
    The War is illegal. The UCMJ states that a soldier has a responsibility to disobey illegal orders. To participiate in an illegal war is an illegal order. They are morally deficient and ethically bankrupt.
    The US and its allies convicted and executed German and japanese soldiers who had the same excuses but were judged guilty of war crimes.
    Just for clarification I do not believe that we ( the US) has a military anymore just a bunch of merc’s who are working for the yankee dollar just like any group of thugs, hoodlums, crooks and murders who work for the Mafia.

  4. More lies and treachery

    It’d be nice if the media put as much work into finding out exactly what kind of scam Bush and Blair pulled on the Yanks and Brits that they put into finding about that dreaded Oval Office BJ.

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