But How Would It Work In Theory?

An article in Minnesota Law & Politics, The Conscience of an (ex-)Conservative, A blow-by-blow report of a dissolution of a political, is very interesting. Philip Gold has been in the “conservative movement” since the days of Goldwater, and has left. He writes,

“The proximate cause of my recent departure from Discovery Institute, Seattle’s main conservative think tank, was my opposition to President Bush’s Iraq war. But I also left because I could no longer abide the purposes of the movement. Over the last several years, I’ve become sadly convinced that American conservatism has grown, for lack of a better word, malign.”


“And there was always a darker side to this particular force — segregationists, Birchers, militias, homophobes and male supremacists (words I do not use lightly), plus the ‘Christ died so we could tell you what to do’ brigades.”

and my favorite,

…libertarians, a pert little faction composed mostly of people who, when told about something going on in the world, reply, “Yes, but how would it work in theory?”

This is an absolutely wonderful piece, and brings to mind why I refuse to call the current right wingnuts “conservatives.” Please read it, there is much more.

Thanks to Media Transparency.