Bush’s “Stomach Ailment”

Culturekitchen has a photoessay on Bush’s “stomach ailment” in Germany the other day. See The Heiligendamm Hangover | culturekitchen.
Can anyone read the label on that beer, to see if it s a non-alcoholic brand?

2 thoughts on “Bush’s “Stomach Ailment”

  1. I read an unconfirmed report that it was a 0.5% alcohol brand. Which is still 0.5% too much for a recovering alcoholic. For them, the standard is 0.0% alcohol, forever.

  2. Buckler beer (at least that’s my guess as to what the label says) – non-alcoholic German beer by Heineken… 0.5% or less (except that, apparently at one point, the manufacturing process went awry and the alcohol percentage was far higher… that was in Japan though, a couple years back).
    Medoubts this president would let himself be photographed with a beer if it were non-alcoholic… in fact, he might deliberately let himself be photographed with a non-alcoholic beer to “disprove” rumors.

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