Bush’s Failure On Nuclear Security

Bush’s failure to provide adequate funding and planning to FEMA is just a symptom of his overall failure in the war against terrorism.
Bush’s failure of judgment on the necessity to take prudent and cost effective steps to prevent this disaster was an open secret one full year ago. Bush’s failure with FEMA is merely a symptom of his failure to provide for domestic security against terrorism.
We should be spending equal or greater amounts of money on securing our ports, hardening our chemical factories and protecting the nuclear waste at every nuclear facility in America. Bush Has Failed At Domestic Nuclear Security
I wrote a review of an article by James Fallows in The Atlantic Monthly Success Without Victory that covers Bush’s failure to provide for domestic security, but also prudent and pragmatic steps that America should be taking.
That’s the real threat to our national security. Does Al Qaida have sleeper cells in America? If they do there is absolutely nothing to stop them from setting another 9/11 type attack in motion.

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  1. It had better start to sink in fast that we are ALL at risk. THERE IS NO PLAN. The fundies, neocons, liberals, all of us are equally at risk. The rich are as much at risk as the poor. One of the men walking down a highway in New Orleans had just lost his million dollar mansion.
    We’ve needlessly lost a major American city, a strategic port, just as effectively as if it had been nuked. The flooding could have been prevented by spending money on the infrastructure. The Bush bunch didn’t think this was necessary. We haven’t begun to comprehend what the national effect of this is going to be.
    One effect had better be that we realize that this administration puts us all at risk. One image stuck in my mind for the rest of my life is Chernoff telling us on TV that aid had arrived in New Orleans and all the wonderful things the government was doing while reporters who were there were showing us that no aid had ever arrived.

  2. Here’s part of the problem. Bush has low poll numbers for his Iraq war and high numbers for the WOT. The only reason Bush has high poll numbers for fighting the WOT is that Democrats and the M$M refuse to criticize him.
    The Iraq war is Bush’s entire WOT. He hasn’t done anything else and Hurricane Katrina proves it. It is starting to look like there may not be any Al Quaida sleeper cells in America. If Al Qaida was here, they probably would have struck by now. Bush hasn’t done a single thing to stop them. It’s time to start pointing that out.

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