3 thoughts on “Bushonomics

  1. Yep our economy stinks,here in Michigan folks are barely surviving.
    I’m a heating and cooling service tech. pretty much on the bottom of the money chain, if people don’t have money to spend on repairs,upgrades etc. This effects me, I see it all to clearly Our economy stinks.
    MI. just got hit really hard from the auto layoffs. I’m ready to sell my tools and become a nomadic sheepherder (MI. is running out of options)

  2. Michigan does have the highest unemployment in the midwest with a rate of 6.7 percent. Most other midwest state economies are doing pretty well, some even booming (Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska), those with diverse economies that is….
    And hey, isn’t Michigan’s governor a democrat?

  3. Lack of diversity was/is Michigans downfall,but that is slowly changing (to slowly).
    As for the democratic governor she is doing a good job, considering it was the republican leadership that laid the groundwork for our problems.
    Sickofspin I went to your site,wow you have serious issues. You should try thinking about our country as a whole and not your parties self-centered desires.
    You and folks like you are the problem.

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