Bush To Take Weekend Off

According to The Agonist, CNN has announced that the Relaxer-in-Chief will be spending the weekend at Camp David, as he does almost every weekend. This is not a working weekend – there is no situation room at Camp David!

This is an absolute outrage! This man takes NOTHING seriously. The propagandists like to call Bush “the wartime President” but now, thanks to this administration blowing diplomacy we really are in a real shooting war and situations with the gravest possible consequences for all of us could come up at any moment! Korea might do something. Iran might decide to launch their own preventative action — we have promised we are going to come after them soon. Iraq might actually have chemical weapons and use them! That is Bush’s justification for this war, isn’t it?

If he’s going to play “wartime President” – and then screw up and get us into real wars – he should pretend he cares about what’s going on and be ready to actually BE the President!