Bush Senior may not be supporting Bush Junior

The letter from George H. W. Bush below has been floating around the internet. Some believe that it might be a hoax, but who knows, really? True, the fact that it all makes pretty good sense does cast doubt on the idea that it might be from a Republican.

(Recently the below was forwarded to me from someone who had played a small part in settling the affairs of an old friend of George H.W. Bush who had died unexpectedly. He does not want his identity to become public and has also suppressed the identity of the late friend, who was relatively unknown, but who had known Bush since childhood.)

Dear ****,

Just a note on your birthday. Bar and I often think of those wonderful times on the water back when the kids were young. At the end of a long life, your old friends become more important to you.It’s been a good life, but this election has been a trial.

Loyalty requires public support for our son, which of course he gets, but you wonder whether reelection would really be the best thing. Maybe the family future lies in the younger brother, who has performed so splendidly in Florida.

The outlook in Iraq is appalling and maybe we should leave it for the other team to handle. Some of the choices made going in were terribly ill-advised, and I’m afraid that the team now in place is just not up to the job. Dick Cheney is not the man I remember. His face is twisted and you wonder whether ill health and his medication have affected his judgment. And Wolfowitz’s kind should never be allowed in a serious policy position.

And you know that I think that a degree of religious belief is necessary, but some of the people my son relies on have gone far over the line on that.

I’ve stayed in the background. No other choice. But now I can’t really talk to the boy any more, and Colin tells me he can’t reach him either. I’ve lost good, old friends over this, and with several others it can get uncomfortable.

The stress of the job is greater now than it was during my day and we wonder whether his weaknesses haven’t returned. His wife, God bless her, has been a real trooper. She keeps us posted and tries to keep a lid on things.We’re hoping for the best.

Hope this hasn’t been an imposition – if you can’t talk to your oldest friends, who can you talk to? God willing, we should be able to see each other sometime in the next few months.