Bush Sending Signals By Endorsing Coulter

United States Attorney General Gonzales is on the Rush Limbaugh Show as I write this. Coming up soon, Ann Coulter.
I know it’s too much to expect of this crowd that they would denounce Coulter for saying Representative Murtha should be murdered for disagreeing with Bush’s Iraq policy, or for saying that widows of the 9/11 attack enjoyed their husbands’ deaths. But appearing on the Limbaugh show with Coulter is an endorsement.
Previously, the Vice President appeared on a platform with Coulter. This was before these latest remarks, but after she called for the murder of New York Times employees.

4 thoughts on “Bush Sending Signals By Endorsing Coulter

  1. Dave,
    Does your keyboard have these things: “”
    They’re called quotation marks. On my keyboard they are located next to the enter key. People use them when they want to ACCURATELY relate what another person has said.
    I would love to see the quote where Ann Coulter said Murtha should be murdered. Of course, as I’ve said before, I would love to see ANY quotes on your posts.
    I don’t know how you expect to be taken seriously if you’re not willing to use quotes, instead of your biased interpretation.

  2. Please Dave, could you rid us of the retarded overdose troll?
    I am so tired of this tedious freak and its condescending ways.
    All it does is nudge and try to irritate, to pollute as best it can. Who would have thought there was ANYONE in this poor beset nation that doesn’t know about this murderous minx Coulter and her depraved and unintelligent tirades? You KNOW it KNOWS, but it wants to control. Why do you let it call the tune?
    Must you waste your time allowing this cretin to lead you by the nose? EVERYONE KNOWS Coulter promotes violence, abhors facts, lives only to stir the shit pointlessly. Happy OD knows this too. It just likes to goad and pretend this is debateable. As if Coulter had a character to assassinate….. and as if you were given to that practice.
    There are many blogs to read. Yours is a great one. Don’t let this
    troll take control…. I doubt I am the only one that objects to Overdosed on Koolaid’s incessant and tedious rants….positively NOT what I read you for. I believe this predictable irritant keeps much productive discourse from being presented. I usually don’t comment in such company either (prefer discourse to ‘talking points” and point-free nitpicking) but thought I would speak up.
    Best wishes and hopes for a more interesting comments section…. Boydr

  3. Dave,
    Missed boyd on the “Comment Troll” post, but he has made his thoughts clear here. This isn’t fun for him. I enjoy the give and take, and I hope others do too. But if many of your other readers don’t enjoy sparring with a conservative, then I will go away. I’m sure you’ll let me know if that is your desire.

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