Bush Says Will Veto Mine Safety

Lest anyone ever forget just who Republicans represent: Bush threatens to veto House mine-safety bill.
The House just passed a bill to strengthen mine safety. Mine owners complained to Bush this will cost them some money.

Among other things, the new legislation would grant stronger enforcement powers to the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration, require closer monitoring of a dangerous practice called retreat mining and provide for independent investigations when more than one miner is killed in an accident.
Mine operators also would be required to use new coal-dust monitors, worn by miners, to reduce exposure to coal dust, which causes black-lung disease.

So Bush will go with the mine OWNERS (rich people) instead of the WORKERS (the rest of us).

1 thought on “Bush Says Will Veto Mine Safety

  1. And the Democratic “leaders” in the senate will not pass the mine safety bill because, hey, they don’t have 60 votes, what can they do?

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