Bush, Rumsfeld Blaming the Troops

We have seen that the Republican Congress refuses to hold the Bush administration accountable for anything. The Congress is controlled by the Republicans, and the Bush administration are Republicans, so they will not investigate or ask questions no matter how serious the abuse of power. And we have seen that the Republican Justice Department also refuses to look into matters that involve the Bush administration, and other Republicans.

Look what’s happening with this scandal over abuse of prisoners in Iraq. The Republicans are showing that they do not “support our troops” at all. The Republicans are blaming the troops. The Bush administration and its surrogates and their talk radio and their pundits and their politicians and their whole echo chamber are blaming “a few bad soldiers,” leaving all of those serving in the prisons over there hanging out to dry.

Think about that. Do we blame the troops, and stop there? Or do we blame the chain of command? Do we blame the leadership examples? Or do we just push all of this off on the troops on the front lines? And about how this affects our troops in Iraq. They are being SHOWN that THEY will be blamed for failures of policy. They are being shown that their leadership will run and hide when the going gets tough. And worse, they are being shown that when there is a choice between taking a political hit, or stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility and diffusing the ANGER that could lead to an increase in attacks and a decrease in their safety while doing their jobs, their leaders – OUR leaders – run and hide and blame others, and blame them, and blame anyone except those who sent them there and told them what to do.

So it’s time to REALLY support the troops. It’s time to hold the Bush administration accountable for its failures. It’s time to DEMAND accountability. Since the people who are supposed to be holding our leaders accountable are refusing to do their jobs it’s time for the people to step up to the plate and demand accountability!

This is a choice between supporting the Republicans who want to blame the troops in a blatantly political attempt to evade responsibilitybecause they are afraid it will cost them votes, and those of us who want to hold leadership accountable.

Blame the troops? Or blame the leadership? Which is it going to be?

Sign the petition. And send e-mail to people you know, asking them to sign the petition. It is time for Rumsfield to go. Blame the people who put the troops there and told them what to do, not the troops.