Bush Purging NASA of Scientists

Advisors Who Questioned NASA Priorities Leaving Agency,

Levy, a physics and astronomy professor as well as provost at Houston’s Rice University, said the men’s commitment to scientific research didn’t jibe “with the kind of advice that the administrator and the chairman of the committee were looking for.”

My source tells me there’s more behind this story than is reaching the public yet,

NASA Administrator Michael Griffin yesterday read the riot act to the outside scientists who advise him, accusing them of thinking more of themselves and their research than of the agency’s mission.

That’s BUSH’s NASA mission the Administrator is talking about, which is publicly said to be about Mars, but maybe is a lot more about weaponizing space.

4 thoughts on “Bush Purging NASA of Scientists

  1. I’m afraid this is what is happening to all the scientifically based government agencies, isn’t it? Like the ones we depend on to keep us and our environment healthy and safe?

  2. Are we syrprised. Remins me of the Lysenko disaster in the USSR when ideologues took over the Ministry of Agriculture, threw out th scientists who disagreed with their wingmut plant theories and starved half the nation as a result. I hope we can survive until 2008.

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