Bush Proves Government Can’t Work?

I meant to post about this the other day. A letter to the editor, MercuryNews.com | 06/17/2006 | Government can’t handle health care,

In reading the report of fraud by bogus victims of Katrina (Page 6A, June 14), I don’t find myself surprised that our society has people of such low character. I’m also not surprised that we have government employees who do such an inept job of administrating my tax dollars. What does surprise and baffle me is that there are still people that think our health issues can be improved and even solved by these same types of government employees.

Republican incompetence used to prove that Republicans are right.

3 thoughts on “Bush Proves Government Can’t Work?

  1. Unlike you Dave, the writer believes that the inept career bureaucrats in FEMA will remain inept career bureaucrats no matter what administration is in place.
    However, both you and the writer miss the point. The main problem here is the liberal influence on government in two main areas. (1) Liberals always grow government bigger. When a bureaucracy gets to be the size of FEMA, accountability becomes nearly non-existent. Add to that the fact that it is nearly impossible to fire a government employee anyway, and these types of fraud are bound to occur. (2) Liberals believe intentions are more important than results. If anyone in FEMA had required the recepients of the money to instead go out and buy what they need, and then come to FEMA for reimbursement, so FEMA could check the receipts, all hell would have broken loose. Your blog, and the liberal media would have branded FEMA as heartless. Crying for the need to get the people help immediately. Labeling FEMA as heartless for not trusting the poor, misplaced people.
    So once again, here you are, lamenting a failed program that you are responsible for. Must be nice to be able to ignore these inconvenient realities.

  2. I was going to front-page your comm, and my reply, but won’t…
    As you know, under Clinton FEMA was an excellent, first-class organization that had responed properly, helping people in many disaster situations. Bush fired the career team and put in cronies, who used FEMA to channel money to campaign-related activities in Florida and elsewhere. When a real disaster came along, we all saw how they handled it. They didn’t care and channelled money to corrupt cronies.
    As for this liberals grow government crap, as you know this is the opposite of the truth. Under Clinton the government shrank – until the Republicans took the Congress, then started growing again. But under Bush government spending has EXPLODED!
    You are right that the Bush administration put no controls on the FEMA money, but this was because they were channelling the money to cronies. Local contractors were not given contracts, in favor of “connected’ contractors coming in and charging in some cases up to ten times whe locals were bidding.
    But you knew all of this.
    As for blaming Democrats for Buh’s incompetence and corruption, what happened to the mantra of responsibility? It is Bush’s JOB but you are trying to point fingers away from Bush.
    Once again, this was BUSH’S JOB, it was BUSH’S RESPONSIBILITY to manage FEMA. You don’t even earn a “nice try” for this crap about it being someone else’s fault. It is BUSH’S FAULT that Bush didn’t do his job.

  3. Well you certainly earn a “nice try”. Very spirited, very well stated.
    However, I know no such thing about FEMA being a first class organization under Clinton. They would have responded the same to Katrina under anyone. I’ll agree Bush is responsible. Big Deal. When the bureaucracy is so big that it can’t be controlled, responsibility is moot.
    As for funneling money to cronies, you’re just making it up as you go. You offer no evidence, because you have not evidence.
    We can argue the minutia all day, but the big picture is and remains your unreasonable reliance on this bloated and corrupt federal government, and your willingness to hand over even more of our freedoms and treasures to them.

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