2 thoughts on “Bush & Polls

  1. I actually agree with the wingnut commenter to Oliver’s note. Bush and the repugs in fact are NOT poll driven. They have a VERY long-term agenda as well as a collection of core beliefs that they are constantly trying to further. They do NOT consult polls to decide what to believe. They DO consult polls to determine how best to DIVIDE and DECEIVE. But that is very different.
    Democrats (at least the ones who have any power at all) are quite accurately accused of using polls to determine what to pretend to believe. They do have very, very, very, very weak core beliefs (they are human after all), but these are rarely consulted beause of their essential, definitive cowardice.

  2. I’ve said it before, but why does Bush think we need PR campaigns (that’s really what it is-it’s just moving into a permanent cabinet post) to support this when the insurgents do quite well without one?
    I already know the answer, but I love to keep pointing out that those people keep fighting without tricking their fighters while lying to our has become a multi billion dollar industry.

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