Bush Obstructing Plame Probe

Here’s the deal. “Scooter” Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff is refusing to give jailed NY Times reporter Judy Miller a personal waiver to disclose conversations she had with him. And President Bush is refusing to direct Libby to do so.
So it (of course) comes down to Bush blocking the probe.
Every blogger and blog reader should be on the streets demanding that Bush stop blocking this probe. Someone leaked the identity of a CIA operative who was working to keep terrorists from getting their hands on nukes. The leak rolled up her operation, endangered her life, risked the lives of every contact she had, and exposed her cover company, rolling up every agent and operation taking place under that company’s cover.
This leak could yet mean an American city goes up in smoke.
And Bush is blocking the probe. If you’re not just fucking hopping mad angry shouting about this … you should be.
Update – Digby is on it, too:

This is bullshit. The white house cannot get away with saying they are cooperating with the prosecutor by not talking — and then not require the staff to fully cooperate with the prosecutor.

7 thoughts on “Bush Obstructing Plame Probe

  1. I’m fucking man angry about it. The investigation is taking too damned long and costing zillions of dollars because Bush is obstructing it. And, as usual Bush gets his way, the spoiled darling little rich sociopath. I’m also fucking mad angry about the way releasing information about Roberts is being blocked. This guy’s supposed to become a Supreme Court Justice on the basis of what? Bush’s word that he’s OK? Faith?

  2. IF Fitz is allowed to be to complete his investigation, his way – someone will go down.

    But that’s a big if.

  3. Any odds on betting that the sheeple will never hear the whole, truthful story about this “traitorgate”,& chimpy will pardon all people involved.

  4. Good posting, Dave – see my related blogpost. As much as we love to criticize Miller, it’s important to remember that she isn’t sitting in jail because she likes it. She’s too smart -she would have avoided jail-time if it would have been possible. Some people in the White House have decided that it’s far better to obstruct the investigation than to worry about Miller’s summer plans. They’d rather let her languish in the calaboose with public speculation about her own ivolvement (which may or may not be true) – while they cover their asses and leave America more vulnerable to extremism by their dirty, treasonous deeds.

  5. I think they should torture Miller. She has important information which directly relates to the a leak of intelligence which endangers America. The administration has repeatedly used this logic to rationalize the torture of its darker-skinned prisoners. What’s good for the goose…

  6. Obstructing the investigation into PlameGate

    Now that we know that Miller is in jail to protect Scooter Libby, one has to wonder how long the Times will keep trying to protect her. Evidently, it might not be too long as Arianna reports that Douglas Jehl (an awesome reporter) is working on the s…

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