Bush National Guard Story Breaking?

Oddly, this is at the far-right wingnut site WorldNetDaily: Miers panel to hear ‘explosive testimony’? Gag order lifted for ex-lottery boss claiming Miers kept ‘lid’ on Bush Guard controversy,

As WorldNetDaily has reported, Littwin allegedly was fired by Miers because he wanted to investigate improper political influence-buying by lobbyists for GTECH, the firm contracted to run the lottery.
Corsi believes that Littwin, according to an examination of hundreds of contemporary Texas newspaper accounts, will be able to establish under oath that the GTECH contract was preserved on a no-bid basis by then-chairwoman of the Lottery Commission Miers in order to “keep the lid on” the National Guard controversy involving then-Gov. Bush.
The lobbyists included Ben Barnes, the former Texas lieutenant governor who claims he pulled strings to get Bush into the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam War.
GTECH agreed to release Littwin from his gag order under pressure from Senate Judiciary Committee attorneys, Corsi said.
Littwin, who was hired by Miers in June 1997 and fired just five months later, wanted to reopen the GTECH contract for competitive bid, according to Corsi.
. . . When Littwin sued GTECH over losing his job, Barnes gave a five-hour deposition. But GTECH settled with Littwin for $300,000, under the condition that he destroy all documents pertaining to the litigation, including the Barnes deposition.
Until now, Corsi reports, Littwin has been under a gag order as part of his “negotiated settlement” with GTECH, under which he would suffer a $50,000 penalty if he discussed openly any details of his Texas Lottery employment.
Corsi says insiders following the Texas Lottery Commission scandals believe Littwin’s testimony is “potentially explosive.”

What’s this doing at WorldNetDaily?? My guess is someone on the right is sending a shot across the bow of someone in the White House.

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  1. though i like ur courage to post what we all know by now that the bush familly is a bunch of cowards and traitors..(granpa bush selling weapons to the nazies)u have to know that this story about bush’s national guard escapades will never be touch again by the national news of ur country, he succesfully gagged ur media about anything to do with him or familly and even the truth about the war in iraq, keep in mind the second world war started the same way, poland at the time was governed by a military dictatorship, germany said they wanted to bring peace and freedom to it, and they had a friend to do it with….ussr. deja vue…history repeats itself…have fun with whats coming..its not gonna be pretty.

  2. Didn’t Miers only serve five years of a six year term? What happened? Wasn’t that Lottery Commission famous for being notoriously corrupt?

  3. All of You suckers—Bushit has a tough zionist Teflon covering that no blogger can cut. Even if he wants Duffy Duck in the High Court–a shoe in.
    The USA, Canada, England, most of Europe, Autrialia’s media is all Jewish.Germany was controlled by these same folkzie zoolot creeps–until they made a mess of it.As in USA -the Heb media will not,will not, will not–sh!t on Mr.Teflon,cause he is a good Israelie boy!

  4. That’s nuts. The Bush family, and much of the Bush administration, is anti-Semetic. That’s a grand old Republican tradition that goes back to well before WW II. Bush’s grand-daddy did money-laundering for the Nazis, among other things.

  5. I should finish my comment. So why is the Bush administration Hell-bent on supporting Israel? Because you can’t have the Rapture unless the Jews are in Israel. That’s in Revelations. The Jews have gotta return to Israel or no Second Coming. That’s hardly a pro-Jewish ideal, now is it? None of the Jews get to go to that strictly limited, fundamentalist Heaven which is gonna end up with about 6 people in it if they don’t stop nit-picking their theology.

  6. Remember Zionists collaberated with the Nazis. They would sell their own mothers for just a little bit more. They manufactured the “Holocaust” as a means to an end. The Balfour Declaration, the British promise to allow their fake Israel. Next phase is to destroy any remaining vestiges of USA identity and smash the Moslem resistance. As a side note these international banking families ignore the Torah Jews like inconvenient flies at a picnic. They plan to annex Jerusalem. Hiding behind the veil of anti-semitism as the vehicle by which these international banking families teflon coat criticism is just another part of the plan. They ultimately plan to destroy all major monotheistic religions and reduce populations to a manageable “herd”.

  7. >>The USA, Canada, England, most of Europe, Autrialia’s media is all Jewish.Germany was controlled by these same folkzie zoolot creeps–until they made a mess of it.

  8. Wow…. Not understanding the whole Jewish connection here. I think some folks out here are a few fruit loops shy of a bowl. Perhaps some counselling/medication would be helpful. Do yourselves a favor, look into it.

  9. Are the righties planting stories to submarine Miers?

    This is weird. World Net Daily: Miers panel to hear ‘explosive testimony’? Gag order lifted for ex-lottery boss claiming Miers kept ‘lid’ on Bush Guard controversy Released from a gag order, Larry Littwin – the controversial former director of the Te…

  10. The bush family has accounted for, and helped to increase, the numbers of many killings of our US troops and innocent civilians elsewhere, for more than six decades. The sooner we put them all behind bars, including lady barbar(ous)and drug dealer laura, the sooner we can get back to good old-fashioned politics that know no neocons. Arms sales that account for the loss of lives and limbs; and energy policies that grease the larders of cheney, rove, rumsfeld, wolfowitz, and bush, have led to the most corrupt bunch of thieves and thugs in the history of planet Earth. We write here of the complicit US Congressmembers and mainstream media who have profited as well, and those who were cowardly enough to go along because they feared for their political and financial lives. They did this, knowing full well they were authorizing the advancement of the decline of our democracy, and the deaths of our soldiers.
    Are you reading this NYTimes, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, FOX, et alia????? You dirty rotten traitorous bastards, butchers, and bunglers!
    The death penatly is not good enoough for you; you should be tried and sentenced to life at hard labor, rebuilding the sites you helped to destroy…mainly the WTC, Iraq, Afghanistan. There should be no wages, but you can have some pleasure in being each other’s bitches, and true to the right-to-lifers code, no condoms allowed.
    You disgraceful, disgusting, despicable un-American slime…dubya’s dummies.

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