Bush More Unpopular Than Ever

Yellow Dog Blog: Turkeys Refuse Ceremonial White House Pardon,

In yet another publicity blow to the beleaguered Bush administration, both National Thanksgiving Turkeys have refused the ceremonial pardon traditionally given by the president. The turkeys, named Marshmallow and Yam, were selected for the eleventh-hour Thanksgiving reprieve based on a White House web-site poll.
[. . .] The White House expressed disappointment in the turkeys’ decision to turn down the ceremonial pardon and suggested a possible partisan motivation.

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2 thoughts on “Bush More Unpopular Than Ever

  1. Who is paying to escort those turkey around the country?
    Congress voted to cut Medicare, Foodstamps, Head Start, Child support enforcement, clean water… last Friday to celebrate their $3100.00 raise going into effect.
    What I am asking is if the powers that be would rather spend our tax dollars flying poultry first class than feeding our families.

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