Bush Left Obama Little Choice On Afghanistan

My take on Obama’s speech is that Bush left Obama little choice on how to proceed, and this is the best that can be done with it.
Bush had the chance to conclude Afghanistan years ago but neglected it, just like how he let bin Laden go, because he had his agenda with Iraq. So the Taliban came back. And here we are.
I don’t see any alternative to the strategy that Obama outlined. The people of Afghanistan want peace and security. If we “just leave” they get the Taliban instead, and we get decades of insecurity from the region.
Americans form the region also deserve to see security brought to Afghanistan because they can’t even go home and visit their families. etc. without falling under suspicion.

5 thoughts on “Bush Left Obama Little Choice On Afghanistan

  1. Unless Bush is presently holding a gun to Obama’s head then he left him a choice and Obama is responsible. That’s the legal view of the Nuremberg court and the principles drawn from it by the United Nations.
    Obama is a war criminal and a mass murderer.

  2. That is truly terrible.
    What about us, what do we deserve? I know that Afghanistan is going to have decades of insecurity if we leave or if we stay and pay and pay and pay and pay.
    Why are we are going to send another 30,000 troops when we don’t even bother to send enough blankets so that the refugee children don’t keep dying of hypothermia?
    Who are you, and what have you done with Dave?
    I do not consent to more war.

  3. What about the women of Afghanistan? Should we just abandon them to the Taliban?
    Look, adding sufficient troops can mean LESS war. It means bringing protection to the poeople there, and keeping the Taliban from coming back so that we can get out. This is what Bush didn’t do after the war was pretty much ended, because he wanted them all to go to Iraq, and so for how many years has war been getting worse there as a result?
    The situation in Iraq has gotten much better since we added troops. Better enough that we can LEAVE now.

  4. First of all In find this talk of “abandoning” Afghans incredibly offensive. You might as well talk to me about how the Nazis shouldn’t have “abandoned” the Jews by letting them out of concentration camps.
    The US is committing genocide.
    You’re not helping anyone. You’re killing them. You’re killing a hell of a lot of them too. You’re killing women, you’re killing men. The Taliban are the good guys. You are the bad guys.
    You invaded them. You killed them. You continue to kill. Hundreds every day. Every day you stay there you’re killing hundreds.
    RAWA wants you out. That’s the local women’s group btw.
    Because you’re killing people not saving them.
    How hard is that to understand?

  5. While you can crush a popular resistance with sheer numbers — which is what you are advocating — you need far more troops than Obama is willing (or able) to commit. Close to a million for Afghanistan probably — especially by now when the popular resistance is developed. You’d probably need to exceed the usual formula of 800,000 occupation troops. Anyway that just isn’t going to happen. It will be constant war.
    With the level of troops he is looking at his only hope for pacification is wide scale torture and terrorism of the civilian population. Death squads, random bombing of civilians, torture at random, divide and conquer by bribing local warlords and setting up Quisling / “Vichy” puppets to torture and kill on your behalf. Just like America has tried in Iraq with mixed results. Make life in Afghanistan such a living hell that the people will give up any ideas of freedom. If all their resources go to simply trying to survive the terror of life under occupation they won’t have time for resistance. That is Obama’s strategy.
    You will never voluntarily leave Afghanistan or Iraq.

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