5 thoughts on “Bush Is John Birch Society Far-Right

  1. Jeez, Dave, EVERYBODY says Democrat party. I say it. (To mock them.) They have lost control of their own name. That’s how weak they are. That’s how unable to control discourse they are. Of course, who would WANT these corporatist weenies controlling ANYTHING?
    (That felt good.)

  2. Interestingly, during the 2004 election campaign Bush would use “Democratic” when addressing certain audiences and “Democrat” when addressing others. I was never entirely clear on what precise rationale they used to decide who got the “Democrat” treatment. Whether it was Red audiences, Southern audiences, or rural audiences. But it was a conscious decision.

  3. On Bush’s Use Of “Democrat Party”

    In the State of the Union speech, President Bush again referred to the “Democrat Party.” Media Matter discusses this insult, and looks at the term’s history. Matthew Yglesias writes about Bush and other Republicans repeatedly using the infantile, schoo…

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