Bush has lost

I don’t see how our comedian President is going to be able to survive this:

“Political pundits recently showcased on National Public Radio’s “Talk of the Nation” said the outcome of this year’s election may rely on the swing votes of undecided voters in states like Oregon. Voters like me.

I’m a registered Republican who is loath to vote for a Democrat. But if President Bush doesn’t act swiftly to get our sons and daughters out of this hand-picked war of his, he won’t get my vote.

Those of us who lost fathers in Vietnam have spent a lifetime debating the wrongs of that war. We shouldn’t have to spend our futures distraught over the sacrifices of our offspring, too — sons like Joel K. Brattain, who gave his life this month while fighting to help free the oppressed people of Iraq.”

“A swing voter’s plea: Get them out of Iraq, and soon”