Bush had his chance to win it. Get him out of there before he screws up again.

Diana Moon, has pointed out that Bush and his surrogates are 100% sure to blame the Democrats for his Iraq disaster. (Tinker Bell died because we didn’t believe hard enough). The title above is my first try at what I think we should be saying.

For 32 years now Democrats have been running away from the McGovern Curse, which the DLC has interpreted to mean “No Democrat ever can oppose any war anywhere”. That has to change. Democrats have to suck up their guts and go on the attack.

It’ll be a rough sell. Bush’s rabid core constituency is 30% of the electorate, Bush’s team has close to a billion dollars to blow, the media are shallow, spineless, and venal, and many “centrists” are just airheads. It will be like the Alamo or Thermopylae — the few and the proud, defending human civilization against the ravening Republican horde. (Take that, Samuel Huntington! Take that, Victor Davis Hansen!)

As I’ve been saying for a couple of years, this election will be decided by the rational conservatives and the intelligent centrists (if there are any). If they stick with Bush, we are doomed. There are plenty of signs that they’re starting to shift, but I’m not counting on it. George W. Bush may be allowed to run the world off a cliff just because certain people couldn’t force themselves to vote for the party of unions, affirmative action, and (gasp!) gay marriage. (The horror! The horror!)