Bush "Grooming Video"

The Bush “Grooming Video” is available online now.

When you watch the videos, think about the fact that Bush is about to tell the world that he’s sending our soldiers to possibly die, but definitely to kill innocent people in Iraq as our military bombs and shoots its way to Saddam. Think about that and contrast that with Bush’s jovial, playful attitude, seen unfiltered in the German broadcast (digitized in the 11.3M “BushGroomed2.mpg”)

And then planned his weekend vacation.

Hey, Bush, it sure is funny thinking about all those innocent Iraqi women and children who are going to die painful and horrible deaths because of your bombs, isn’t it? Just downright slap-happy funny. We bet you haven’t had this much fun since you mocked Karla Faye Tucker’s plea for clemency (See: Link) and executed at least 135 people while Governor of Texas (See: Link | Link 2).

Those links are active if you go to the referenced page.