Bush doesn’t look so good on 9/11

I am in agreement with Dave that we shouldn’t waste any more time on the pitiful, ridiculous Berger distraction. That’s all just designed to divert attention —  primarily from the 9/11 Commission report, which doesn’t make Bush look at all good for Bush, and secondarily from the upcoming Democratic National Convention. I have never seen the trolls so ferocious and vivid.

Initial press reports seem to be spinning it this way: Bush and Clinton were both equally to blame, but really no one was to blame, since it was an institutional problem which should be dealt with by — ta-DAH! — a bureaucratic reshuffling! You expect something like that from a bipartisan blue-ribbon commission, and of course the media should be expected to deliver us mush. However, I feel that a closer look will find lots of interesting stuff.

Below are the URLs of the three reports: the recent 9/11 Commission report, the relatively recent Senate Intelligence Committee Report, and the 2002 Congressional 9/11 report. Everything is in PDF format; sometime when you’ve got a few hours, come around and explain to me why ANYTHING should ever be in PDF format.

And there’s a link at the bottom where you can buy print versions; the recent 9/11 report is less than $20.

9/11 Commission Report (2004)



Senate Intelligence Committee Report (2004)

30 page PDF summary of Senate Intelligence Committee Report on pre-Iraq War Intelligence: http://www.fas.org/irp/congress/2004_rpt/ssci_concl.pdf

Complete Senate Intelligence Committee Report:


Analysis of Senate report from Brad Delong’s site:


Congressional 9/11 Report (2002)



Print versions of all three reports can be bought here.

The 9/11 report is cheap.