Bush Campaigning On Local Radio

Bush’s Campaign Finds Platform on Local Radio,

“While the Bush campaign maintains a low profile on the national campaign stage — content for now to watch the Democrats beat on one another — it is aggressively working the expansive hustings of Republican-friendly talk radio, priming the grass roots faithful for battle next year.”

But if any Democrat wants time on these stations to respond to the 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week Republican Party ad, the answer is NO, we won’t let you. Once upon a time WE THE PEOPLE licensed out the broadcast frequencies for the benefit of the public. Now the corporations have taken them over and are using them to push The Party on the public, full time. This is just like what’s going on in the Congress, Democrats are just not welcome. Our country is only for Republicans now. Bush is President of the Republicans, not the country. The budget only goes to districts with Republican representatives. Government contracts only go to Republican campaign contributors. The things that we — the ones who didn’t vote for Bush and the ones who didn’t vote at all — more than half the country, care about, like the environment, the poor, health carwomen’sens’ rights, gay rights, minority rights, civil rights, Social Security, the right to sue in court, public schools, even public parks, well, that’s “a big Fuck You Democrat, we’re in power now, get over it, dry up and die.”