Bush / Bin Laden 2.0

Bush / Bin Laden 2.0

We can expect a dirty Presidential campaign, and I agree with Kerry that we should go tit for tat and not lie down the way Dukakis did.

George W. Bush’s unhealthy friendship with the Saudis and the fraudulence of his War on Terror are valid political issues. They are also red meat quite suitable for political hardball. What’s not to like?

I’ve revised my long file documenting Bush ties with the Saudis (including the Bin Ladens), Bush favoritism to the Saudis, Saudi involvement in terrorism, Bush indifference to counter-terrorism before 9/11, the irrelevance of the Second Iraq War to terrorism, blowback, Pakistan, etc. All the material is available elsewhere; what I’ve done is sift and sort the material and organize it into an anti-Bush storyline.

It isn’t fun reading and doesn’t really break new ground. I mean it to be a resource for the campaign. Anyone who wants to can pirate it, excerpt it, reformat it, etc. I would be very happy to have it mirrored.

I also welcome for updates, corrections, and suggestions.


I am planning to keep this page updated and am promoting it under the brand name Who is Bandar Bush?“. I hope as many sites as possible give it a permanent link: http://www.johnjemerson.com/zizka.binladen.htm .

I suspect that Kerry and the official Democrats will want to keep their hands off this, which is all the more reason for us freelancers to keep the question alive.