Bush Bad For Business

Saw the blog below referenced in a posting to Dave Farber’s “Interesting People” mailing list…

The Big Picture: Bush Slipping Amongst Corporate America?

Check out this excerpt from the Wall Street Journal:

“Among Kerry supporters is Eric Best, a managing director at Morgan Stanley, who says Mr. Bush’s tax cuts go too far at the expense of mounting deficits. “I was raised as a fiscal conservative, and I think his fiscal policy is scary,” he says. Mr. Best, who remembers Mr. Bush as an upper-class dormitory proctor at Phillips Academy Andover boarding school, says that what really motivates him to stump for Mr. Kerry is the hostility the global strategist finds as he travels.

“I can testify to the extraordinary destruction of ‘American Brand Value’ accomplished by this administration, from Europe to Hong Kong to Shanghai to Tokyo, and beyond,” he wrote in a recent e-mail that he widely distributed. “If any CEO of a global multinational had accomplished this for his enterprise as quickly and radically as George Bush Jr. has done for the U.S., he would be replaced by the board in no time.”

Geez, who would’a thunk it? Bush’s blunderings abroad engendering hostility, and lost sales for American business?!? What a concept… NOT. We have only to look at the level of hostility in the U.S. towards France during the run up to the war in Iraq, over nothing more than mild displomatic resistance, to see an example of this in our own back yard.

Thomas Leavitt