Bush AWOL mystery solved?

Go here. Calpundit may have the goods on the Bush AWOL mystery.

Someone said that the reason Bush was letting the rumors fly is that the truth was worse than the rumor. Looks like they were right.

You heard it here second.


Diana Moon of Letter From Gotham suggests two questions, the first one for Bush and second one for his war buddies:

“Mister President, can you give us the names of three National Guard Service colleagues who served with you between May 1972 and October 1973?”


“Any American who can document that he was in the National Guard between May 1972 and October 1973 and remembers serving with Bush during that period should contact the news departments of CNN, Fox, CBS, NBC, and ABC to verify that Bush wasn’t AWOL. That way, we can stop refighting the Vietnam War and focus our attention on current issues.”

Sounds like a plan.