Bush and Yalta Again

Pat Buchanan, in Was World War II worth it?, defends Bush’s speech claiming Yalta was FDR’s betrayal to Communism and taking the discussion in the direction they want it to go. Communism was worse than the Nazis, etc.
So, Pat and George, which side should we have fought on? Your true colors (and loyalties) are becoming clear.
Update – “>In a talk about his column,

He suggested that because Germans voted Hitler in, they did not need to be liberated, and that Britain and France drew Germany into the wider conflict.

C’mon, Pat and George, tell us which side you think we should have fought on.

2 thoughts on “Bush and Yalta Again

  1. This has been going on since long before the US got into WW II. It’s essentially the same families. There was a very strong feeling among the far right, even then, that the “real” enemy was Communism, not the Nazis. After all, the Nazis were racially pure and doing the world the great service of killing off the Jews. Communists were seen as essentially “Jewish,” and never mind that the Russians were also forcing the Jews to live in ghettos when not bothering to kill them.

  2. Buchanan has a grossly distorted understanding of the relative Strategic positions of the major players of WW II.
    Had the US not intervened, Hitler would definately STILL have lost. But the Soviets would have owned ALL of Europe, possibly as early as 1947. The US did not intervene to stop Hitler. The US intervened to stop Stalin. Hitler basically defeated himself – out of arrogance, he over-extended the German army on the Eastern Front.
    The unobvious side effect of this would have been: German Rocket and Nuclear scientists which otherwise made it to the US, would have been shipped off to Moscow. US dominance in missile and nuclear technology would never have happened. The Soviets would have quickly built an arsenal of thousands of nuclear-tipped ICBMs much more quickly, and the US would simply not. The US would have had to invade mainland Japan – we know the US would have won that war anyway, but it’s likely there would have been a huge price to pay.
    Earth would likely have been an entirely “Red Planet” by 1950.

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