Bush and DeLay and Frist, Oh My!

That is the Republican triumvirate that will emerge as either the Three Muskateers or The Three Stooges of the Republican party. Which one is largely up to the Democratic party.
Is the Democratic party capable of presenting a unified message that combines Lakoff’s approach,
Social Justice Sunday and kossack Delaware Dem’s approach, Screw the Republicans, All of Them with a twist of Billmon, The One True Frist?
Democrats can seize the opportunity to brand the Republican party as corrupt religious fanatics hell bent on destruction of our Constitution and our economy or allow them to seize the high moral ground as defenders of moral values and the American way of life.
Bush and DeLay and Frist. The triumvirate that will be the albatross and the anvil of the Republican party if Democrats can demonstrate a little spinal fortitude.
Which begs the question: Will Joe Lieberman become The Fourth Muskateer of the Republican triumvirate? Will Joe throw the triumvirate a life preserver?

8 thoughts on “Bush and DeLay and Frist, Oh My!

  1. Alexandre Dumas would probably like you to know that this is how musketeer is spelled.

  2. This is hopeless. No, not branding the repugs, but getting people to stop destroying the meaning of “to beg the question”. PLEASE, STOP!

  3. Erroll: Thanks for the spelling on Musketeer. It didn’t look right, but I neglected to spell check it. My apology to Alexander Dumas and Musketeers the world over.

    Richard: I’ve seen a little bit of the “beg the question” blogosphere controversy and I’m perfectly comfortable with the contemporary usage. Why do you hate modernity?

    I’m with you Vinnie. Reid should make darn sure to firmly impact a sock in Joe’s mouth, before Joe firmly impacts his head up Frist’s rectal cavity. Throw the GOPers an anvil.

  4. Of course if we wanted to be snarky we could point out that Dumas actually spelled it “mousquetaire” and probably bothered himself not a bit with English spelling. But that would be spending more time that it is worth on something too trivial to mention.

  5. Fuck Alexandre Dumas and fuck Erroll too. Pedantic prick. The guy is working his ass off, on a deadly serious issue. And doing it pro bono….and he deserves this from you Erroll? And who the hell spells Erroll that way? Not Errol Flynn. 🙂

  6. I and all persons concerned about clear communication and consistency would like you to know…
    that “begs the question” is a specific kind of logical fallacy – that of assuming one’s conclusions in one’s premises, and does not mean, as it is so often used by everyone today, to simply bring a question to mind… thanks!

  7. Which just goes to show, nothing succeeds in distracting a serious discussion of a serious issue more than an anal retentive grammarian.
    I look forward to further enlightening critiques of my previous sentence.

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