Bush Admits Mistake – Doesn’t Resign

Bush takes blame for Iraq war on bad intelligence,

“It is true that much of the intelligence turned out to be wrong. As president I am responsible for the decision to go into Iraq, and I am also responsible for fixing what went wrong by reforming our intelligence capabilities and we’re doing just that,” he said.
… Bush’s new admission was significant in that he rarely admits mistakes, although he has acknowledged failures in U.S. intelligence on Iraq before.
His administration touted Iraqi weapons of mass destruction as a reason for going to war in March 2003, but such weapons were never found.

At best it was the biggest screwup in American history. At best.

4 thoughts on “Bush Admits Mistake – Doesn’t Resign

  1. Heard this on NPR on ATC this afternoon. They followed it with an hilarious David Welna piece in which he asked numerous Repulican Senators whether they’d heard Bush. All slightly shamefaced “nos.” Then he taped several Dems attacking the speech. It was almost playful in revealing that even Bush’s own party isn’t listening.

  2. I remember reading..tracking back news till I could hardly see stright, trying to figure out a good reason for going off to war.I would swear to you that in all the propaganda at that time…all the stupid reasons I read of, all the idiot excuses…not once did I read that Saddam Hussain was just a very bad man and that is why we are going to war…Not one frikking time.Not once!!It was all Weapons of mass destructtion.Scare the crap out of everybody.Saddam is a bad person…no.Not ever…not till later.Then of course it bacame quite a handy little excucse…cuz, who could argue with that.And who can yet…it still wasn’t the reason given, nor does it have one damn thing to do with that stupid war!!

  3. You’re giving this idiot too much credit. This weasel didn’t admit to anything. He said the intelligence was faulty. HE STILL HASN’T ACCEPTED THE BLAME FOR CHERRY PICKING THE INTELLIGENCE.
    Look — the intelligence wasn’t bad. Everything used to build his case – WMD’s, terrorists ties — ALL of it — was a lie. The problem is that the evidence that DIDN’T support his position was buried. When a rumor that supported the administration’s position popped up, he propped it up. This isn’t accountibility or the acceptence of blame. It’s still just blaming someone else.
    Dave From Battlefield

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