Bush Admin Allows Only Rush For Military Radio

Progressive talk-radio host Ed Schultz was supposed to be broadcast over the Armed Forces Radio Network beginning today. This is important because until now only Rush Limbaugh has been allowed for military ears. I was listening to his show today, only to learn that the Bush Administration yanked Schultz off the air at the last minute. So the military will stilll only be allowed to hear the opinions of Rush Limbaugh.
More at The Moderate Voice – Military Yanks Ed Schultz Show From Debut On Armed Forces Radio.
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4 thoughts on “Bush Admin Allows Only Rush For Military Radio

  1. Oh please, don’t get your panties in a bunch. You make it sound like Rush Limbaugh is the only thing they broadcast, but in reality here are some of their line ups:
    Car Talk, Kim Komando, Rush Limbaugh, The Motley Fool Radio Show, A Prairie Home Companion(by far-left humorist Garrison Kellior), Dr. Laura, Sports Overnight America, and other programs from National Public Radio(the left-leaning talk radio network partially financed by tax dollars and other sources
    BTW, are you upset that a network, such as NPR, that is solildly pro-DNC and left-leaning gets tax dollars?

  2. Pericles,
    Why do you think NPR is left-leaning? Just because the talk that goes on is at a conversational tone, as opposed to the screeching and shouting on partisan talk radio?

  3. Kim Komando

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