Burning the American flag is patriotic

To make sure that my Senators were not confused about how I expected them to vote, I emailed Senator Boxer and Senator Feinstein that on September 24th I would be burning an American flag as a symbolic statement of my opposition to Bush’s Iraq war. I do not know if I will be burning an American flag at a peace rallly in L.A. or D.C. What I am absolutely certain of is that I will be burning an American flag for peace on September 24th.
America is my country. I am an American patriot. Burning the American flag is a patriotic act. The American flag is my flag and the warmongers can’t have it. On September 24th I will be taking my country back and I will be taking my flag back by burning an American flag for peace.

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  1. I sent Senator Feinstein an email complaining about her co-sponsorship of the amendment. I also asked a relevant question: Are they going to keep the boy scouts and VFW from burning flags (as the appropriate way of disposing of them) or is flag-burning going to be a thought crime?
    Yet More DiFi Follies.

  2. Thanks, Gary. I feel exactly the same. It makes my day to see that I’m not the only liberal who knows how to get angry.

  3. Burn This!

    I’m sure you’ve all heard the flap about the ridiculous drive to ammend the Constitution to prohibit burning the American flag. It’s complete and utter bullshit, of course.

  4. Thank you Gary. I agree with you 100%. To state that we cannot burn a flag that we have bought with our own money is not only intrusive but very unamerican. They have been chipping away at our rights since they have taken over the White House and it must be stopped. We cannot wait until the next election because we don’t know it the next election will be any fairer than the last two. So burn away.

  5. If you burn a flag at a Sept 24 rally, even if we have 50,000 people waving their own flags without burning them, you will be the only person on the news that night.
    We need to reclaim the flag as a symbol of peace. Burning it as a statement against war will never get through the right wing BS, it’ll just be “another anti-American liberal traitor hates our country.”

  6. Fred has it right,it will only do more harm then good so who are you going to impress? I might put up with it and understand what you are trying to prove, and actually if you are trying to prove something it will just backfire anyway.No one is gonna see the point in burning a flag.If you truely want to reclaim it then you stand back at that demonstration and you salute it and you give it the honor that it deserves.While you are doing that and you really would prefer to burn it then all you should have to do is picture in your mind even one person who died with only the thought of that flag in his mind.Pick any war you want and it can go back as far as you want.WW1 if that’s how far back you have to go to find one person even who gave up more then you or I have been asked to give up.No, if we want to make an impact anywhere, burning it is counterproductive.I think it’s time we start honering it.It’s our flag too is certainly the truth, I really can’t think of anything else that belongs to me that I would burn,short of garbage.I’m not thinking that the flag of my country needs to go there just to make a point.Really when I think about it, if I let it get to that point, then I’ve already lost that battle and that flag is indeed theirs and not mine at all.I feel as if I still have a stake in that flag,I’m not ready to burn her yet.

  7. That is not to say I think there should be an ammendment against flag burning, there shouldn’t be.It should just be a given.

  8. Anything that we do will backfire because the media will either not show anything positive that the Democrats are doing or they will allow the pundits to spin what is being done out of the realm of reality. In any case, the Repubs will make themselves look like “goodie two shoes” and make us look like the “filthly beast”. There is nothing that we can do to become “acceptable” to them and why should we ever try to. We need to start confronting their lies and hypocricies instead of avioding these confrontations by “being good” and not making waves.

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