Broder Weighs In Against Democracy

I have been saying here for some time that we are at a turning point for democracy. The corporatist authoritarians, disguised as an ideological movement, have been waging a propaganda war for decades. They want to convince us that “markets” and “market solutions” are superior to self-governance and a common-good, watch-out-for-each-other society. The result is that we are increasingly a one-dollar-one-vote instead of a one-person-one-vote country. Pay-or-die health care is just one example. Stopping government inspection of food-processing plants is another.
Today the “dean” of the Washington pundits weighs in – against democracy. David S. Broder – A Mob-Rule Moment

A particularly virulent strain of populism has made official Washington altogether too responsive to public opinion.

Broder complains about Congress “caving” to public insistence on adding labor and environmental minimum requirements to trade deals, writing, “But the action by the House means that any further deals are unlikely as long as Bush is president.” And that’s the public’s fault, for wanting a living wage and a clean environment, not Bush’s for being against those.
Broder ends by writing, “In today’s Washington, the “wants” of people count far more heavily than the nation’s needs.” His prescription to remedy this?

You can win elections by promising people what they want. But you win your place in history by doing what the country needs done.

And by this he means pro-corporate and cheap-labor trade and immigration deals.
Are you for democracy or are you for corporate rule? It is time to choose.

2 thoughts on “Broder Weighs In Against Democracy

  1. We’d better start believing that it’s time to choose. Dave is absolutely right on this one. The ‘people’ vs. the ‘needs of the country?’ What kind of insanity is this? This awfully clearly points out that it’s a matter of whose country this is — corporate interests vs. the needs of the citizens of the country.

  2. And how exactly do you choose? Vote demo instead of repug? That is, vote corporate junior instead of corporate premium?
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Puh leeez.

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