Brit Hume Must Resign!

Bloggers and Readers,

Here is another story that needs to gain wider attention. Brit Hume Must Resign. Oliver Willis has been on this for 25 days, and we should all join him by blogging about it, writing letters and making phone calls. Here’s the background:

On February 3rd, Hume intentionally manipulated the words of the 32nd president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, to make it appear as if FDR supported privatization of social security. This is a brazen falsehood. President Roosevelt’s grandson, James Roosevelt Jr., describes Hume’s journalistic malfeasance as an “an outrageous distortion”. We agree.

This is far more serious than anything Dan Rather was accused of. But Hume is getting away with it because we aren’t making enough noise. Go read about it, and make some noise!