Bringing Back the Violence of the Past

The history of U.S. interference in Latin America is not good. I’m talking about a reign of torture and murder.

After Nixon and Kissinger helped Pinochet to take over in Chile there was a reign of terror. In Argentina’s “Dirty War” it was the “Disappeared.” Terrible human rights abuses in Honduras. In El Salvador it was the “Death Squads.” In Nicaragua the Contras killed thousands of civilians! And there is so much more that happened.

Now we’re at it again, and it’s being run by the same people, (more here, and here,) involved in the terrible violence of the 80’s.

It’s time to become informed on events in Venezuela. Start by learning about the history of the “secret wars” of the 80’s. And don’t forget Iran/Contra (more here). This is a horrible chapter of America’s history and it looks like the Republicans are bringing it back. Remember, Ollie North is a hero to this crowd!

A personal note – researching this brought back memories of this period. I’m sick to my stomach now, thinking about the horrible crimes these people committed and got away with. (Some pardoned by Bush 1.) To think that events like these could happen again is terrifying.

Updateanother story here about Bush giving jobs to people involved in past crimes in Central and South America.