Bring Back the Draft

The price of not having a draft. (Thanks Michael for pointing out the link over at But, of course, if we did have a draft that would change the whole military-adventure-for-political-popularity equation. The public (and the Congress) might not be so ready for war if their kids – or the kids of anyone they knew – were the ones facing danger.

Let me be clear on this. I was against the draft during VietNam. I’ve come to realize that the public’s participation in the draft was the reason why VietNam finally ended rather than expand into Cambodia and Loas and beyond. I am in favor of a draft now because it would democratize the decisions of our leaders and would likely end their current taste for military adventure with imperialistic overtones. The public might even be inclined to conserve fuel and subsidize energy alternatives if it is THEIR kids who have to go fight in the Middle East.