Bring Back Phil Donahue

What kind of corporate ethics justify the kind of tripe that passes off as political commentary over our public airwaves? Phil Donahue’s show was cancelled even though his ratings were ticking upwards If Phil Donahue can be cancelled for political ideological reasons, then Chris Matthews should be cancelled as well.
Somerby has a partial transcript of Tweety’s humilating command performance on the Imus show. Somerby’s Daily Howler archives on Tweety contain pages of links to his journalistic malpractice. What boggles the mind is how this type of journalistic bottom feeding can slip under the radar of all of the self appointed M$M ethics nazis who whine about the ethics of bloggers.
Who’s kidding who? Tweety and Michael Savage are ideological brothers by different mothers. They pollute America’s airwaves with toxic waste and should be fined by the FCC for violations of public indecency. How is some poor schmuck saying “Fuck” more offensive than what Tweety and Savage put on the airwaves on a daily basis?