Jimmy reviews the Republicans’ typically repressive antics in NYC. As an ex-New Yorker who lived next to the park for many years, I promise you the argument against using it for the demonstration is pure bullshit.

The Republicans seem to be begging for violence. They are relying, in their brazen way, on the media’s certain and exclusive focus on the freakiest elements in the crowds. They’re probably safe in that reliance. But it’s a dangerous bet — if even a few of Breslin’s “old women with peace signs” do get clobbered on camera, the reaction could make Daley’s Chicago ’68 thuggery look like a minor political error. Or maybe not. We’ve become a much more violent country, comforted by repression. And the ability of the right-wing dominated media to warp reality beyond all recognition can never be underestimated.

Breslin concludes:

A straight-line march past Madison Square Garden and on to Central Park, where people can congratulate themselves and smile and sing, would be a lovely afternoon, made so meaningful by the size of a crowd whose orderliness, and love, would make the Republicans coming in, these mean whites from low-IQ states, look ill.

It takes a lot for me to miss New York, but “these mean whites from low-IQ states” made me smile, laugh, and recall the effortless arrogance of life at the center of the universe. For the first time in years, I wish I could be there.