Brendan Nyhan sucks his way to the top

The high-minded and nonpartisan Brendan Nyhan has blown the American Prospect popsicle stand after two posts. He parleyed his firing into an invitation to the Wonkette assfucking paradise at Time Magazine.
No more cheesy ideology for this hott, freshfaced young fella! He’s sucked his way up to where the serious players are. Bye-bye, losers!
TAP was probably set up. Nyhan was quite capable of giving TAP what they wanted, but why should he have? That rag doesn’t pay.

I keep expecting David Broder to disintegrate in the middle of a sentence, like the Wicked Witch of the West, with his body parts shelving off one by one and falling to the floor until nothing is left but a fragrant mass of gelatinous putrefaction.
That would certainly be a fantastic opportunity for young Nyhan! He’s been gunning for exactly that niche.