MyDD :: My Plea To Dems: Stop The Navel-Gazing,

Representatives from Procter & Gamble don’t go on CNBC and talk about the fact that the perception exists that Tide could do a better job of removing stains. They just show evidence to the contrary. This kind of message craft, starting from a negative assumption, is unheard of in the corporate world. It’s a lesson Democrats need to learn if they’re serious about winning the hearts and minds here at home.

2 thoughts on “Branding

  1. This is incredibly important. The problem is that the Dems have always indulged in this kind of self-abasement. At the very least, make the strong policy points first and then attack the Rove statement without insisting on illustrating where the perception of Dems as weak comes from. That’s not even necessarily true; it took a lot of strength, not weakness, to face up to the ruth and end an endless war that couldn’t be won.
    So — just what is the REAL Democratic plan for ending the occupation in Iraq? It’s not as though we didn’t actually win that war, you know. Facts, not fiction.

  2. But the party is so indistinct. P&G have a brand. Demos have nothing. They stand for nothing. They don’t dare. They’d lose their corporate money in a second if they took real positions. They don’t just sound like repug-lite, they are repug-lite.

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