Boykin apologises: says he’s neither an ‘extremist’ nor a ‘zealot’

Boykin insists he’s not a zealot:

“I am neither a zealot nor an extremist. Only a soldier who has an abiding faith,” said Boykin, deputy undersecretary of Defence for intelligence and war-fighting support.

“I do believe that radical extremists have tried to use Islam as a cause for attacks on America,” he said. “As I have stated before, they are not true followers of Islam.

“In my view they are simply terrorists, much like the so-called ‘Christians’ of the white supremacy groups, or extremist (sic) of any faith,” Boykin said.


In one speech, Boykin recalled a Muslim fighter in Somalia who said U.S. forces would never get him because Allah would give him protection. “Well, you know what I knew, that my God was bigger than his. I knew that my God was a real God, and his was an idol,” Boykin told his audience.

In his statement, Boykin said his comments about that Muslim fighter “were not referencing his worship of Allah but his worship of money and power; idolatry. He was a corrupt man, not a follower of Islam.”

Well, sweetheart, maybe you should have said.