Boycott Because They Carry Musica Latina?

The wingnuts are at it again. This time they’re calling for a boycott of Circuit City because they carry “Musica Latina.” No I’m not kidding. See :: Columns :: Circuit Ciudad at TownHall. If you don’t know what TownHall is, it was started by the Heritage Foundation and is the central place for the Right’s pundits.

The boycott stems from your misguided decision to provide customers with a better selection of “Musica Latina” than Country music CDs. In America, this is simply unacceptable.

2 thoughts on “Boycott Because They Carry Musica Latina?

  1. This store has 9 sections of Latin music, and not one copy of “Live at Folsom Prison”!!! You can’t seriously support the store’s position on this. Unless your post is tongue-in-cheek.
    (exactly as Dr. Adams article is)

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