Born to Lose

Over the course of the past several years, we’ve been troubled by the liberal web’s failure to focus on sound-bites that matter—the sound-bites that actually drive our debates. Some of you are deeply offended that we would dare to say such a thing. Born to lose, we say in reply. The Democratic Party is too inept to form a winning set of messages, and the mainstream press corps is store-bought, asleep. The liberal web must take the lead if liberals and centrists will form useful messages. Next week, we’ll note a few of the basic ways we think we have all failed to do that.

(Daily Howler February 10, 2005)

Bob Somerby is the sharpest guy on the web. He has documented the careers of the most influential political media people for the last six or eight years, and when he gets on someone, he’s able to cite chapter and verse. (And so can you, using his searchable archive).

Everybody should read Somerby daily anyway, but especially next week.