The word all the wingnuts must use to describe Air America Radio is “boring”. On Crossfire yesterday, Tucker Carlson took care of his obligations to the talking points right off the bat. But he wasn’t quite ready for Franken’s answer. The whole place cracked up, even Bowtie Boy himself.

CARLSON: Al Franken, thanks for joining us.

Like all good liberals I spent a good part of my day listening to your show, “The O’Franken Factor.” And I want to read back to you an exchange that took place between you and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York.

This is your pretty hard-hitting question. You said, quote, “Senator, you went to Iraq and Afghanistan right after Thanksgiving, right?”

“During Thanksgiving,” said Mrs. Clinton.

Quote from you, “Tell us about that a bit.”

Now here’s my question. You’re not simply liberal, but you’re a partisan Democrat. Doesn’t an exchange like this give people the impression that you’re not going to be tough on Democrats, that you’re essentially part of the establishment? That you’re playing for a team and not for an idea? And isn’t the result boring?

FRANKEN: I think that you took that out of context, because I said, I think you would have liked this better, because I think you left out, I said “Tell us a little bit about that, bitch.”