Bonuses From Bailout Money Would Pay Cost Of Healthcare

Banks that received government bailout money gave $33 Billion of that taxpayer money out as bonuses just this year. How much taxpayer money will be given out as bonuses next year and the year after that?
Meanwhile the apparent solution to people not being able to afford health insurance is they will be ordered to buy it. That is what a “mandate” means. Even with subsidies the poor will have to pay up to 13% of their income. The rest of us have no upper limit on what we will have to pay.
Insurance companies are ecstatic about this. Bankers are feeling pretty good, too.
I wonder how the voters are going to feel about all of this next year?

1 thought on “Bonuses From Bailout Money Would Pay Cost Of Healthcare

  1. perhaps we should acknowledge that the insurance companies and the GOP have successfully destroyed America and move the entire population to Canada. Without anyone left to rip off, the insurance industry will have to go into some other, maybe more socially benign business, like making cop-killer bullets for right wing militias.

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