2 thoughts on “Bobby Jindal

  1. Since 1980, the GOP has been fostering the meme that the American People are incredibly stupid. And they were right, since they voted for Reagan!
    Reagan was a prototype anti-intellectual. Bush was the anti-intellectual.
    Bush Jr. spoke to America exactly as he himself was spoken to by his handlers. He was treated, rightly, as a total idiot that had to have everything clearly explained as if he were a small child. So when Bush Jr came out to give a statement, he spoke exactly the same way, explaining things that were already totally obvious.
    Jindal is continuing in that path, where the GOP assumes that the American People can’t understand long words and need to be talked down to as if they are idiots.
    One thing I really like about Obama is that he can speak in actual English sentences! He doesn’t talk down to citizens like Bush Jr did. He doesn’t exude hatred and contempt for American citizens, like Bush Jr did for eight long years…

  2. thx, Dave for stating the obvious…but is it only to us that Jindal was so blatantly ‘simple-minded’ or ‘talking to us like we were children’? I felt it…but are Republicans children? They loved Reagan who most intelligent people thought was ‘simple-minded’ and doctrinaire in his simple-ness. But Reagan was an hugely experienced ‘showman’ who could pull it off well…whereas Jindal is like Sarah of Alaska: not ready for prime time and never will be compared to Obama.
    I like your common sense but signing in every time to comment probably limits readership who like to read a few comments to liven things up.
    Another thing about Jindal’s speech that was so offensive is his attack upon a ‘bureaucrat’ who was trying to enforce insurance rules on boaters who were needed to rescue people stuck on their roofs or at risk of drowning. Jindal ignores the fact that Private Businesses such as Insurance insist that the bureaucrats favor them with enforcing people to pay premiums or to buy insurance. Private Enterprise ala Jindal will use govt. to get money from other citizens and I am sure Jindal’s all for govt. making money for Private Insurance companies. Can’t blame ‘bureaucrats’ for that.

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