BLOGGERS! Wild In the Streets!!!

The story that BLOGGERS had something to do with Lieberman losing was the lead-in story on the local news last night, before even news from Lebanon! The story featured some maniac named Johnson from a blog called Seeing the Forest, or something like that! He SAID stuff! On TV! A BLOGGER!
Be afraid! ANYONE can just get a computer, and write stuff! And then OTHER people will READ IT! And DO STUFF!
The world might come apart! There are NO CONTROLS on what these people say! ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROLS! They can say ANYTHING! And it can lead ANYWHERE! It can even lead to a CONTESTED PRIMARY! And they can even incite VOTERS to show up at the POLLS and vote AGAINST A SITTING SENATOR!!!!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “BLOGGERS! Wild In the Streets!!!

  1. Me thinks the msm and all the inside the beltway boys that have made a very comfortable living for the last few decades should prepare to retire. Their time has come and gone. Most of us are all grown up now, and can handle deciding what to think all by ourselves. We, you know, the people, the folks, the barbarians out in the countryside learned to read…..we also learned how to sign on to the internet……we learned that gosh and gee-whiz, its not just a top down, here-is-what-you-should-think world anymore. We can talk to each other, form our own opinions, figure out who is lying to us, who is pulling the strings, and decide all by ourselves that we are not going to take it anymore. Me! Sitting here at my desk in little old Indiana – and not in my jammies as Chris Matthews would have us believe, ME! I can join the NATIONAL CONVERSATION! I can make a difference! Me! I don’t have to just sit and scream at my tv anymore! And best of all, I know I AM NOT THE CRAZY ONE! I AM NOT ALONE!
    There are lots of people just as frustrated, angry and ready to actually DO SOMETHING as I am.

  2. Well..Good for those bloggers.Each and every one.I personaly thank you all.Because,many times I thought I was going crazy, till,I discovered other people were at least as crazy as me.I had to go searching for you all.But,there you were.What a relief.Just like Konnie ,you saved me many many times.I can not even begin to thank you for the rational alternatives you have offered.At any rate, I think you are rational.I mostly know tons of people that don’t think you or I are rational.But maybe a couple of others that do and I’m hanging in there.You blog on and you give us a voice.We’re ready.We’re angry and if there are two of us here there must be more.I’ve screamed at the TV a few times too.
    A whole lot this week.The whole damn world has gone mad.Well…maybe not everyone.My hope is, not everyone.

  3. There are a LOT of us out here. I wish we were crazy. If I could tell you what’s on the other side of the curtain it might make more sense, but you would be overwhelmed at the scope of it.
    Pull up some links and find yourself a community.

  4. No, I didn’t make myself clear.I already get the scope of it.Not being able to talk to anyone about the scope of it was the problem.Finding people that do talk the same language so to speak,that was the saving grace.I clicked on the links.I found you all and I am just saying…thanks!

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