Bloggers – Trackbacks at Seeing the Forest

Fellow bloggers – Seeing the Forest is on Blogspot, which means we do not have automatic trackbacks. If you refer to a Seeing the Forest piece you can let readers here know by setting up a Trackback manually.

Here’s how:

Click on the Trackback link following the piece you want to link to.

A window pops up, and gives you a “Trackback URL”. In the “Must Read” piece below, you’ll see this Trackback URL: Copy that entire URL because you will be pasting it somewhere in a minute.

To set up your Trackback you can go here:

The first field is where you will paste that Trackback URL you copied. It wants the special Trackback URL, not the URL of the piece you are referencing!

Put the name of your weblog where it asks, then the name of the weblog entry that you are linking to a Seeing the Forest piece from…

In Entry URL field you paste the permalink to the posting in your weblog where you link to the Seeing the Forest piece.

Then click the Ping button. Your Trackback will appear at the Seeing the Forest post, and you will start to enjoy the benefits of thousands – no, millions – of new readers.

Blogger-using bloggers who want to add trackbacks, go to to set up this capability.