Bloggers Leaving, Getting Real Jobs

Several bloggers have recently called it quits or are in the process of doing so. Read about it at skippy the bush kangaroo: ted barlow disease strikes again – a skippy musing,

let’s face it, blogging is only slightly more productive than masturbation, and a whole lot less fun. unless you are one of the lucky more talented ones, like kevin drum, who gets paid for blogging, or lucky smart ones, like atrios or kos who have big enough audiences to command mucho dinero for their blogads, chances are you won’t get paid enough for blogging to buy a 15 inch monitor.
so that means one of two things, if you’re a blogger. you are either really stupid and like to waste your time writing inconsequential things probably nobody ever reads, or you are incredibly dedicated to your political ideals and believe you are making a difference, as well as being really stupid and like to waste your time writing inconsequential things probably nobody ever reads.

I left a comment:

The very night of the election I felt like that equation of urgency-to-blog vs necessity-to-make-a-living had changed. Our Nation Emergency was pushed back — maybe by only a few weeks, we’ll see what Bush does next… So I understand this.
I’m still blogging but the necessity of making a living really is ringing its bell in my hear now…
Note that zizka is a Real Blogger (meaning he couldn’t stay quit). He’s John Emerson at Seeing the Forest – very occasionally.

The fact is I don’t make anything from blogging. It pays for my hosting service and bandwidth, but only barely. I’m going to need to find a paying job soon myself.

2 thoughts on “Bloggers Leaving, Getting Real Jobs

  1. The announcements of quitting blogging remind me of those occasions in the past when a rock music critic suddenly announces that he has lost the taste for the tunes and tries to rationalize it away, usually as a sudden maturation of ideals. That always struck me as curious as these decisions are always pretty gradual, and usually at the heart of it is some personal crisis. So at least we see some dose of reality in the decisions of skippy. In other words, his heart is probably still in it.

  2. thanks for stopping by, dave, and for the link.
    thanks also for the reminder that john is zizka, something that kevin hayden, ironically, pointed out on my dkos diary of the same content.
    i added a small pps in my article saying as much.

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