Bloggers Bloggered

Bloggers, are you also experiencing continuing problems with Blogger? For some time it has been hard to reach the posting interface, and scary to click the button to post because there is always the danger that you’ll just lose everything. (Usually I remember to copy the post and paste it into a text editor before I click – just in case…) Is it just me?

Is Google ever going to fix this? Or do they have better uses for their billions and billions of dollars?

Better question, when am I going to switch? My first reason is that I don’t know how to migrate my archives. I’, “tied in” to Blogger. Second is the time to set up something new. Third is the financial commitment of signing up for a new hosting service…

Thoughts? (Now, let’s see what happens when I click the “Publish” button. — First try crashed… Second try crashed… Third try crashed… Fourth try crashed… Fifth try crashed… mOK, I’ll stop counting. Eventually you will see this post.)

Update – I see that over at Eschaton, Atrios posted this:

I tried to post about this late last night but Blogger ate the post.

I can now see this post listed in the posting interface, but not at the weblog… When I click to post a message I get the crash with “Server not found.” But then I see that it made it as far as Google’s Blogger server… but not onto the blog itself so you can read it. HOW high is their stock today?.